Feb 9, 2013

m. sage

"Depicted here is the raised hand of an obscured preacher, hovering above rows of urban housing. A striking concept that runs deep into the fervor and punk ethos that M. Sage has been cultivating via ambient and sound collage for years. For the uninitiated, M. Sage is a man out of Fort Collins who crafts grand, aural impressions while simultaneously running his exceptional imprint Patient Sounds. His most recent work and Moon Glyph debut is “The Receivers Peaking”, a conceptual and auditory abstraction of AM radio clips, looped field recordings, processed guitar and serene, pensive composition. As a progressive and prolific worker, M. Sage deconstructs our surroundings and shows us his shimmering utopia that could have been." moon glyph

la tierra y la luna vistas desde marte. pasiaje perfecto para alejarse de esta realidad con "the recievers peaking" de m. sage. música ideal para lo que queda de este invierno. cristalino y certero.