Apr 12, 2013


 "Gayle Brogan (a.k.a Pefkin) is a name I've not heard before yet according to her Last FM page her contribution to the experimental/improv scene is highly significant due to her output as a fanzine writer (she published Boa zine) and dealer in underground tunes via her Boa Melody Bar distribution service [now closed but still selling here]. Musically Brogan's work is dense and atmospheric in nature and feeds into the 'you can do anything you want attitude' in regards to the marriage of tones and rhythms. 'The Inaugural Meeting Of The Glasgow Temperance Society' features two short compositions bookended by two expansive jams. Simple guitar picking and a ghostly vocal delivery are augmented with percussion, lashes of echo, tone generators and effects manipulation. As you can imagine the result is slightly unsettling but fascinating all the same. 'Seasons Come And Never Go' certainly suggests a marriage of gothic songwriting with dub production tendencies and is a very effective piece of work." Norman Records

*Recorded 2010 for a session broadcast on John Cavanagh's Soundwave on Radio 6 International*

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pefkin sin duda alguna de nuestras musas preferidas, magia pura su música. pócimas que suenan. posee además una de esas voces capaces de transportarte a lejanas montañas... hechizo sonoro total*


fotola: rodin_evgeny

Apr 1, 2013

asa irons

When I hear music, I fear no danger.
I am invulnerable. I see no foe.
I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest.
- Henry David Thoreau


"Asa Irons is a Stone Mason, Carpenter and Musician from New Hampshire, USA. Few people  can perfectly poach a duck egg, actually point a chimney, or write a song that will really raise the hairs of your body. And it seems that even fewer people these days can distill these qualities into a song in the timeless way that Asa does. Whether he is constructing a song or a stone wall,  patience leads the way for total awareness."  Turned Word 

vaya personaje tan real. anoche corroboramos el gran talento de ASA IRONS (mayúsculas indispensables)... pese a que la calidad de los videos no es la óptima, ¿cómo no compartir un pedacito del gozo sonoro al que nos llevo tan enigmática y especial personalidad? por lo mientras sirven para atenuar las ansias de tener en las manos Knife Gift Debt.