Sep 23, 2012

lucky dragons

::: "I’ve had a google alert for the words “actual reality” for several years now, every day receiving an email digest of newly discovered instances of the phrase in context. It is a candid and democratic view of the internet. The term is used by diarists, pundits, analysts, self-help gurus  and angry blog-commenters alike, as a lets-get-serious reference to the common background  against which imaginary things come together momentarily. Everyone should be able to recognize  actual reality, or to compare things against it, to measure when we’ve moved too far from it. 

“Little by little it comes into view like a condensing cloud; from the virtual state it passes into the actual; and as its outlines become more distinct and its surface takes on color, it tends to imitate  perception. But it remains attached to the past by its deepest roots, and if, when once realized, it  did not retain something of its original virtuality, if, being a present state, it were not something  which stands out distinct from the present, we should never know it for a memory. " - Bergson, Henri “Matter and Memory”

We experience sound moving from live utterance to processed signal, amplified and diffused into the  room. We enact a translation, listening and responding to the processed signal, attaching new  layers to it, simultaneously forging and following a wave of sound that condenses into patterns  and disperses into clouds. Simple video images form for us an anchor in time, progressing slowly, with action that is hard to perceive until gradual changes are made apparent. A flute, a  lily, a newspaper, a triangle, a mirror, a discharge of smoke—-these visual elements provide a  medium through which to perceive a specific speed, a dilated scale of time passing. ::: lucky dragons

fotola: lil bavvers


suscatchavalerra said...

muy lindo! me dejó sin palabras

mar said...

lucky dragons son así ;)