Jan 17, 2012

save wirikuta

wirikuta: where the sun rises

"WIRIKUTA is the sacred place pilgrimage destination of the Wixarika people, who travel there every year to collect hikuri (peyote) and leave offerings. It is located (((near the historic city of Real de Catorce))) in the high plains of San Luis Potosí and Zacatecas. This territory has an extension of 140,212 hectares (1,402.12 square kilometers) and includes part of the municipalities of Villa de Ramos, Charcas, Villa de Guadalupe, Matehuala, Villa de la Paz and Catorce.

The plains and the mountains of Catorce comprise a place of incalculable cultural, spiritual and natural wealth that is manifested in a different way in each zone. Wirikuta is part of the World Network of Sacred Sites (UNESCO 1988) and is on the tentative list for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is an ecological reserve, a natural protected area and is subject to ecological conservation: The Natural and Cultural Reserve of Wirikuta.

Currently Wirikuta and the Sierra of Catorce are being threatened by toxic and devastating mining activity"


fotola: el nejo | arte huichol: rosendo de la cruz navarrete

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