May 6, 2010


plinth • albatross [deadslackstring, 2010]

Michael Tanner: "The influence of alcohol and cold weather led me to believe I could cover the entirety of Fleetwood Mac's 'Albatross' by myself with an out-of-tune Telecaster and a loop pedal. I could not. In the art of failing miserably, something new was created. Also featuring Aine O'Dwyer on harp, Richard Moult and Nick Palmer (Directorsound) on piano alongside various bowed strings and harmonium. Guitars recorded by Andria Degens in Hastings on New Years Eve 2007 and New years Day 2008 (except track 5 which was recorded some time earlier at home)" deadslackstring





ana said...

gracias caracola!, albatross de fleetwood mac...uf, mira la cara de felicidad de peter green :)

mar said...

una buena 'mecida' de felicidad***... uf que diría el sisteriano ;)

Steve said...

This is really beautiful, thank you for posting it. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but tracks III and IV have 'digital stuttering' on them- you know the way CDs sound when they are defective or scratched.

It's a shame, since the music is so quiet and minimal. Any chance of a fresh upload and then a new post for this? Thank you, and thanks for your wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...


Yes, there is a fault in the rip here...any chance of an upload? Thanks

el nejo said...

hi there

the link has been replaced. no more skips in the music. if you like the record, please support the artist and buy it. the music is wonderful, the packaging is beautiful and the pictures fit the music very well.