Jan 22, 2010

kutomo & anonymeye

kutomo & anonymeye • song traveller [bedroom suck, 2009]

"Split between Finnish experimental musician Kutomo and Brisbane's Anonymeye, includes 3 tracks from each artist plus one rework each, Kutomo doing Anonymeye and vice versa.
Should listen." bedroom suck



ana said...

...y qué preciosidad de disco, de foto, de título ^^

*song traveller*

filomena said...

para no regresar de un viaje así, ponita :)

Andrew / Anonymeye said...

thank you for the kind words! Just to let you know, I've self-released a new Anonymeye live EP 'I Am Feeling Very Olympic Today: Live in Sydney', available for free or pay-as-you-like download via http://anonymeye.bandcamp.com - new album proper 'Anontendre' coming out later in 2011 on the Someone Good label.