Oct 27, 2009

sun circle

sun circle ::: sun circle (lichen records/autumn records, 2008)


this record has a wonderful and free energy. the A side is a raw vocal droney part, the B side is a slow meditation of bells. the artwork is simple but beautiful, and handcrafted. buy this record. it will make your life even more beautiful. and you support the artists.



most recent release on the lichen label; all releases are hand-assembled by zach wallace in his native ann arbor environs and offer of a lovely wave of art-sound, field recordings, improvisation with natural non-instruments, and, in the case of this particular title, a pair of pieces by greg davis and zach himself on farfisa, distorted vocals, and bells.

the first appears to be a zonkedcover” of lamonte young’s “31 vii 69 10:26 - 10:49 pm munich from map of 49's dream the two systems of eleven sets of galactic intervals ornamental light years tracery”; with greg and zach howling in the moonlight over a bed of organ drones ; completely fucking amazing volume-oriented dronework that ends all too soon. re-cast the gongs of the original lps’s b-side for re-iterant, feldman-like bells and you’re close...

some of my favorite of greg’s recent work; and not even a shred of computer / dsp anywhere within. excellent. [mimaroglu]



rafa said...

sun rules!

ana said...

i can't take my eyes off this picture, so amazing!!